[Side Post] Kim Heechul Enlistment

This is supposed to be fan fiction blog, but this news is very IMPORTANT, so i’ll tell you how i felt about it.


Waktu Kangin pergi wamil, sebelum aku jadi ELF. So, aku belum ngerti apa-apa tentang dunia K-Pop. Kangin pergi kalau nggak salah bulan Juli 2010, bener nggak? Sedangkan aku jadi ELF sekitar bulan Oktober/November 2010, aku lupa. Aku baru tau tentang kangin mungkin awal 2011. Jadi aku sama sekali belum ngerasain gimana sedihnya.

Hari ini, aku buka tumblr, aku liat post tentang Heechul. Aku kaget. Tanggal 1 September? dalam waktu dekat ini kah? Kenapa harus sedekat ini? Aku scroll ke bawah, banyak sekali post tentang Kim Heechul yang menyentuh, bersatu dengan foto-foto baru 5JIB versi B. Aku menangis.

Kim Heechul. One of the members who made me an ELF.

He is one of the most famous K-Pop icons these days. One of the 4D icons you see in the Korean industry. One of the unique characters you see in today’s generation. But yet an influential person.

As you see, he will be enlisting in the army this September 1. Not only Petals, but all ELFs are very sad to hear this, as they will miss very much our Milky White Skinned, going up on stage giving fanservice or just plainly being his usual self, or guesting into TV Shows that made the episode light up. They won’t feel the presence of this precious jjinbang.

I guess it’s… gone too soon. We all know that men are really required to enlist in the army. ELFs, we had a similar experience before… Kangin. He has been in the army for a year. We were able to fight off the bad feeling. And there is approximately 9 months left before he will be discharged. Right now… it’s Heechul’s turn.

Him enlisting in the military won’t let us stop from being ELFs, right? We will always be there for our boys, no matter what will happen. So right now… let’s support him. Let’s wait for him.

Take care, Heechul! Petals and ELFs will be there for you! Be strong! We love you Kim Heechul! You will always be in our hearts ♥ (cr. yamichxie)

Kim Heechul, we promise to support you and wait for you. Cause you are everything for ELF. You are the best.

Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul, Woo yu biccal Kim Heechul!

Kim Heechul, take care, stay healthy, we love you so much. Hwaiting!


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