[Side Post] Happy 6th Anniversary uri beloved SUPER JUNIOR!

Congratulatiooon~ Congratulatioon~ Congratulation~ lation~ lation~ latioooon~ PAM PAM PAM PAM! – EunHae, KyuMin (WGM TeukSo Episode 1) 😛

6 Years is just a number, the most important thing is they will forever live in our hearts. Even though I wasn’t an ELF since the beginning, but i’ll stay forever till the end. Thank you so much Super Junior, I prom15e to 13elieve and love them FOREVER!

As an ELF, I love them so much, so i’ll support them no matter what! Yoreobeun, there are so much ways to support them. For example voting, joins the projects, and of course buying their albums. If the 5th album sold over 500.000 copies, we’ll win the Golden Disk Award (GDA) for sure.

Click these site and do what they said to support them, kay? It’s simple, you can do it!

We don’t want last year conflict reoccur, ait? It was a bitter memory, but Super Junior will never ever give up! SM Entertainment can not be trusted. So ELF MUST support them as best as we can, jebal!
You can’t just say “I’m their fans!”, “He’s my love!”, “He’s my oppa forever!”, blah blah blah and do nothing! It’s okay if you can’t buy their albums, or do the projects. But voting is not a hard, it doesn’t cost!
All you have to do is 13elieve.
Happy 6th anniversary super junior, stay healthy, and please be happy.
I know these years are really hard for you guys, but we promise we’ll always love you forever. 
Sincerely with infinite love, one of your beloved ELF ♥

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