[Sexy, Free & Single] DONGHAE TEASER


Donghae is really beautiful huh?

The first thing i saw from his teaser is his eyes. That pretty eyes.
And also that pretty jawline, neck, cheek, nose, lips, ear, hair, okay stop…

His face is perfect. He is perfect.

I can’t stop looking at his face, can you?

6JIB is going to be BIG!
Instead of spazzing like ajflkdfjlkdjalkjs, i spazz like …… omg. Because i’m speechless, i can’t say anything more than aww and oh so pretty. This concept is soft. Really different from 5JIB.

To be honest, that thing in his head, i thought it was fishnet. Because the fishnet caught the fish, hahaha.

But everyone keeps saying that it’s a wedding veil, people said that his teaser looks like mona lisa. And this came out.

Mona Donghae. hnggg~ okay.

Now back to the teaser. Stop looking at his face and try to see his chest. His beautiful perfect chest. Nice SM, really nice.

I’ll end this now. So, RomeHyuk and JuliHae teasers are released, and i’m getting more and more excited.

Somehow the teasers order will be this

– Eunhyuk
– Donghae
– Leeteuk
– Kyuhyun
– Sungmin
– Shindong
– Ryeowook
– Yesung
– Siwon
– Kangin

The first three is like 5JIB, but Kyuhyun, Sungmin, and Shindong ruined it, the rest is the same. without Heechul T-T

This concept is perfect for Kim Heechul.

Everyone keeps saying that Kim Heechul is behind all of this, the beautiful men concept. hahaha, I hope it’s true. I mean, i miss him…. *sobs

So, tomorrow Leeteuk Teaser will be out, and i can’t wait! The sad thing is this ahjusshi will go to the army soon. after 6JIB, ah so sad..

uh yeah, i forgot. Don’t expect these teaser things in the MV, because usually in SM entertainment, the teasers have nothing to do with the MV, totally different. Let’s see, what kind of MV this Beautiful Men, Sexy, Free, & Single will be like! EXCITED!


I’ll be back with Leeteuk Teaser tomorrow!
Comments are appreciated~^^
Thank You


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