[Sexy, Free & Single] LEETEUK TEASER


He is flawless huh? The Peter Pan.

Everything looks really nice. I’m stunned.

It’s just… so sad you know.. The comeback is near, and after that he’ll go the army. This ahjusshi is going.

Let’s just forget the army stuff, and focused to the comeback. We must do everything ELFs! Everything!

I’m not old enough to have credit cards, and i used my pocket money from my parents to buy albums and stuffs. Even sometimes i begged for more money. And i do feel bad every time i asked for more.

I know, so many of you are still like me. Less money, but dying for 6JIB.

Hey guys, everything is easy now. So many fanbase will do their best to support 6JIB. Last time in 5JIB, my parents insisted to pay for the digital sales, because  we need to use paypal or credit cards. But i found a fanbase that help us to create an account in soribada, so i transferred my money and finally i can buy the digital sales. That’s easy right?

And for the albums, it’s really easy to buy it. Just be fast, because Pre Order closed early. Buy it from the site which is counted in hanteo chart. I’ll tell you more about how to support the album later. Because there aren’t many infos about this yet.

The easiest, is to vote. VOTE VOTE VOTE and VOTE.

if you really ran out of money and couldn’t buy 6JIB or Digital sales, you MUST VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE and VOTE. Do everything you can do. EVERYTHING.

Do it for this ahjusshi,
Do it for your bias,
Do it for Super Junior,
and Do it for yourself.

Because this is the last comeback before Leeteuk go to the army.


I keep looking at that friggin’ branch instead of looking at his beautiful eye. HAHAHA, idk about this.

His eye, nose, and lips are perfect.

And i like the hair also! Branch-y like hair, LOL. XD

He looks stunning and flawless, beautiful peter pan~

urr, maybe i’ll end this post now.

hey hey, thank you for reading this, i appreciated it. ^^

Let’s do our best for 6집

i’ll be back with Ryeowook Teaser, which is released today, together with Leeteuk!


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