[Sexy, Free & Single] RYEOWOOK TEASER


I love his jawline so much, as much as Hyuk’s jawline. Their jawlines are the best!

And gosh i love his teaser, the jawline is verrrrrrry visible. Beautiful.

His hair is red wine. Looks like jongwoon’s hair huh? I SHIP YEWOOK!

And from now on red wine hair is fckin’ hot and sexy!

Perfect Jawline + Red Wine Hair = The beautiful, hot and sexy Kim Ryeowook.

Hey! What is that? The thing that wrap his wrist? a rope? Why a rope? i don’t understand.

Oh maybe the beautiful man is tied, and he is struggling to remove the rope. Because of that he’s looking so sad.
You know, fairy tales… hahaha. Just imagining~

I like the feather in his hand. It’s the same color as his hair, right? It’s beautiful. Wait, feathers? In 5JIB he used feathers too! Idk, maybe he’s good in feathers. kkk~

I wish the MV is more awesome than their teasers. I mean, SM is the god of studio MV. They’re always surrounded with walls.  and usually the photo teaser has nothing to do with the MV. Please SM, do something big! LIKE BOOM!

Well, the good thing is, in SJ MVs, they never touched girls. Even if there are, they didn’t touch them intimately. I don’t remember any MV with touching girls… Hmm~ tell me if i’m wrong.

But i know all fangirls hate it when their bias is touching girls. So i was really shocked with 5JIB 2nd teaser, because there is a girl in it. and she’s creepy… But, that teaser has nothing to do with the MV. Until now, i’m still confused with the 2nd teaser. Well, i really hope there is no girl and no touching girls in the new MV. –”

I just heard that the album will have 2 Version and each one has different poster, jacket, album pages.  (cr. twitter)

Do you mean 2 versions like A, and B (maybe repackage) or 2 Versions for the A ver. (Like last time it was 9 Versions for the A ver.)? idk…

Hmm, i’m really excited! and i know you do too!


I’ll be back with tomorrow’s teaser. idk who, because Ryeowook ruined the order.  Well, who do you expect?



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