[Sexy, Free & Single] SHINDONG TEASER


One thing i should say first,

VIPs, please don’t judge him. Just go judge SM for copying alive concept.

I understand SM’s intention to make him as the ice prince. But idk why they came up with this idea.

He looks so cool you know, i like the hair. the stiff part.

Well, maybe that stiff hair makes him looks cool and looks as hard as an ice.

The next thing i like fom his teaser is his eyelashes. it’s not that long, but it looks pretty.

Hmm~ what else… AH! LOOK! His ear looks small you know, maybe it’s because the white make up. His ear drowned, i can’t see the bottom part of his ear. nyehehe, it looks funny.

Yeah so… It’s kinda late, and i want to read some fanfictions and find a good one, so i can update the Recommended FF, nyehehe~

i’m sorry this post is short huh?

We’re currently 2nd and we’re really close to the 1st.
3days left guys, VOTE NOW!

I’ll be back tomorrow! I’m waiting for KyuMin teaser~ Their teasers should come out together for sure! Maybe Min as TinkerBell? HAHA, heard that joke from twitter~


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