[Sexy, Free & Single] SUNGMIN TEASER


There are some good things and also bad things from this teaser.

Well, this is normal for kpopers. Long hair and flowers.

But the non-kpopers, this is just gay.

I think this teaser is good, but i was expecting manly Sungmin, because he is beautiful even without long hair and flowers.

I mean, look at this, isn’t he beautiful? CLICK HERE (cr.Snowdrop)
(I’m afraid i couldn’t post the picture without permission, so i just put the link)

People said the KangMin concept is Beauty and the Beast. and Sungmin is the beauty. (fyi, Kangin and Sungmin teaser came out together)

Yeah, he’s totally perfect for Beauty.

But for a teaser, i don’t think it’s right to put a long hair on him.
It’s not that i don’t like his teaser. I like it!

I’m just complaining to SM.

I like the wavy hair~ Pretty hair^^ i mean wig.

and the flower… is that baby’s breath? awww~

Just accept it that this guy is prettier than girls.

He’s too pretty, like a princess… Mincess? kkk~ heard that from twitter.

Oh yeah guys, don’t forget to vote Super Junior on MNET! Yesterday i forgot to give you the link~ It’s d-3!! CLICK HERE

Vote Leeteuk/Kyuhyun for the 20’s Variety Star. But i prefer you  to vote Leeteuk, because we need to focus on him, he’s currently the 2nd now. Make him the 1st because he’ll go to army soon, and give him this as a present.

Vote Super Junior for the 20’s Global Star. This one is really important! They’re 2nd and the 1st one is Girls Generation. The difference is like… OMG SO CLOSE~! So go VOTE!

Vote Siwon for the 20’s Social Artist. He’s currently the 1st, but don’t you dare to choose another person for that category!

You need an account to vote. 1 ID 1 vote/day. And we can use twitter/facebook to sign in, that’s easier.


I’ll be back with Kangin’s teaser!


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