[Sexy, Free & Single] KYUHYUN & SIWON TEASER

Hey guys, i know this took so long~ But, anyway, it’s here.. i put Siwon & Kyuhyun in one post because i have nothing much to say.  So sorry, i will finish what i started! ^^


This teaser definitely the best, after Yesung’s (for me).

Look how awesome he is, just like that! I don’t know, he’s a soldier or what, but his teaser looks good with Sungmin. Whether you like it or not, KyuMin is love!

I love it~

and have you seen the highlight medley? His hair on the right side is long isn’t it? Nyehehe gorgeous!

He is Cho Kyuhyun. He’s too awesome you know.

and here it is…


OMG, i just can’t..

Look at him. I’m not making fun of him, but he’s just looks funny, oh god..

His eyebrows are naturally thick, and now… what the… Okay.

Everyone was expecting his teaser to be half naked or what.. but this… he didn’t even reveal his body. a close up teaser.

Okay. so..

His hair…

I’m sorry siwon…

don’t bash me okay, this is just my opinion,

and i love Choi Siwon, but not in this teaser ^~^

Well, nothing much to say.. The teasers are completed, the MV teaser is out, the digital album also revealed…  And now, waiting for the MV and their Comeback! Which song do you like the most? I like all of them. really~

ANYWAAAY~ I have this new page.

I divided Recommended FF into two pages. English and Indonesian.

Because lately i read too much english FF, and it’s kinda hard to find a good Indonesian FF.

Just check it. All of the are really worth to read~

I’m done here~ byeeeee. I’ll be back!


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