• A Simple Love Story (by Al_iceSM
    Main Cast: Sungmin
    Genre: Romance, Fluff
    Chapters: 8
    Description: New school, new life. What if they don’t like me? I’m boring, that’s why I’ve never had a boyfriend. And finally, i met him, the man who changed my life.
    Reason: Like the title, A simple love story, without any obstacle, with an ending like a fairy tale. and they lived happily ever after. If you like plotted story more, this story will be boring for you. But if you want to read a light story, this will be the one. You won’t regret it.
  • Promises, Promises (by applejack1315)
    Main Cast: Kyuhyun & Eunhyuk
    Genre: Romance, Drama
    Chapters: 17
    Description: Kyungmi did a promise with Kyuhyun. And Kyungmi tried her best to keep the promise for years, but Kyuhyun broke the promise offhanded.
    Reason: This FF is unique. Guess what? HENRY as a HAMSTER. kkk~^^ another fluff FF, and full of jealous Kyu. Heechul and Leeteuk is here. Very sweet.
  • The Art of Kissing, According to Cho Kyuhyun (by allmidnighter)
    Main Cast: Kyuhyun & Sungmin (as a girl (genderbender))
    Genre: Romance, Fluff
    Chapters: 6
    Description: Sungmin is frustrated because if her kiss with her boyfriend (Yesung) felt really bad. So his housemate (Kyuhyun) help him!
    Reason: Kkk~ Kyuhyun again..^^ It’s kinda hard to find a genderbender fanfic. Guess what? RockerKyu is HERE!  Read this, kay? You’ll love it!
  • It Has To Be You (by yemin824 and nicollie
    Main Cast: Kyuhyun, Sungmin & Yesung
    Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
    Chapters: 57 (Each chapter is short)
    Description: Who would you choose? The guy you loved for a long time? or the guy who loves you?
    Reason: Seriously guys, each chapter is short! that’s why it has 57 chapters! MUST READ! i finished it less than a day. it’s not as long as you think, this ff is addicting!  And i love Kyuhyun’s characteristic here, OMG JUST READ IT!
  • Give A Little (by Alilee)
    Main Cast
    : Yesung
    Genre: Fluff
    Chapters: 3
    Description: You’re interested to Yesung because of his uniqueness. Everyday you go to Yesung’s cafe. One day, Yesung turned out to be the waiter in his cafe, and he greeted you!
    Reason: Because… The category is fluff romance, I ALWAYS love fluff story! Cute and contains lots of sweet words. Cast yeoja = Reader, and last but not least, because Yesung is my ultimate bias, kk~^^ It’s really nice, even though your bias is not Yesung, just read this~ It’s really good!
  • We Were Strangers But I Fell in Love (by nineofthirteen)
    Main Cast: Donghae
    Supporting Cast: Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Heechul
    Genre: Romance, Angst.
    Chapters: 10
    Not your typical Highschool love story. Do you know what is it like to fell in love with someone who hates you? Loving him certainly wasn’t easy, but she wasn’t about to give up, yet. She went through hell to find her happiness:
    We were strangers . But. I fell in love.
    Reason: Deep, it’s really deep and it’s really not the typical highschool love story. It’s so sad, and Donghae acts like a jerk here, but that makes the story interesting. When i read the ending, i was trembling, and feel like crying. Well yeah it’s angst… You should read this, she wrote the story really well~
  • Fighting Perfection (by shawolistic)
    Main Cast: Kai, Sehun.
    Supporting Cast: Yixing (Lay)
    Genre: angst, romance, sliceoflife, originalcharacter.
    Chapters: 15
    Description: Compared to the bright blue summer sky, she thought she was the dull grey winter clouds. Compared to the crystal clear waters of the river, she thought she was the murky waters of a neglected pond. Compared to her dazzling younger sister, she thought she was just a sillhouette of a figure, which would ultimately submerge into the approaching darkness. (copied from writer)
    Reason: Okay first of all, this is EXO fanfiction. I pretty much changed to a general fangirl, since Yesung left (no i don’t blame him) and Super Junior haven’t had a comeback after 6JIB. I just change. People change. Please understand.
    WOW. JUST WOW. To be honest, i haven’t read anything for a while. I did scan-read it though~ This is my first time reading fanfiction again this year, and it just blow me. I’m not exaggerating, i really really like it. It might be a bit confusing if your first language is not english, or you’re not used to literature words, but you’ll still understand it even if you skip some. it might be boring for a bit, but i kept getting curious so i eventually finished it. She really express each character very well, also the story is well delivered. I personally like it.
    For a reminder, this is my first fanfict of the year and i didn’t scan-read it.
    Just mind blowing.

One Shot

  • Right Here Waiting For You (by twinkle2706)
    Main Cast: Yesung
    Genre: Romance, Fluff
    Description:  It’s a story about you and Yesung, falling in love through twitter
    Reason:  Light, Sweet, and to the point! 😀
  • I Must Be Dreaming (by MusicChibi)
    Main Cast: Yesung
    Genre:  Fluff
    Description: On Valentines day, Yesung was planning to tell something important to his girlfriend, Hye Jin. He’s going to tell her how precious she’s to him, and of course with a special surprise!
    Reason: YOU GUYS SHOULD READ THIS! This is really good, sooooo many sweet words! SWEETNESS OVERLOAD!
  • 3 Years of Love (by pandaapple97)
    Main Cast: Kyuhyun
    Genre: Angst
    Description: If your boyfriend is a star, and he’s too busy until he can’t even tell you his condition, what will you do?
    Reason: I cried read this while listening to Kyuhyun – 7 Years of Love.  If you like angst fanfiction, YOU MUST READ THIS~ The reason of the writer wrote this is because. Kyuhyun said he once had a relationship for 3 Years, and i think it ended up not good.  Because Kyuhyun’s face looks… sorrowful, when he talked about this stuff. Poor Kyuhyun…
  • Unexpected (by InMyDreams
    Main Cast:  Yesung
    Genre: Angst, Friendship, Family
    Description: Yesung suddenly gone. When someone found him, he was already covered in blood. Everyone was panic, and took him to the hospital immediately. All member of Super Junior came one by one, even Kangin, Kibum, Hangeng, Henry, and Zhoumi came. The reason of the bloody event is that Yesung secretly buried all of his problems. He’s depressed.
    Reason: ALL OF THE SUPER JUNIOR IS HERE! 15 of them! 15!! I cried… There is no romance in this story. This story is more to friendship and family! REALLY AWESOME!
  • Please Be Mine (by onlykyuhae)
    Main Cast: Sungmin
    Romance, Drama, Slightly Fluff
    Sungmin is your best friend for 15 years. But your feelings suddenly changed, you love him. You really love Sungmin and you reject every boys that approached you, even Sungmin has a girlfriend already. One-sided love. On Christmas, it turns out that Sungmin is going to propose his girlfriend. And that makes you depressed.
    Reason: I CRIED~  It’s really saaaad, like REALLY SAD. T~T It’s Sungmin and reader story. VERY SWEET! MUST READ!
  • The Reason You Smile (by mapihypermonkey)
    Main Cast: Donghae
    Genre: Fluff
    Description: Donghae is currently in a cafe and he noticed a girl. The weather outside is cold and windy, but why is that girl keep standing there? And why when her smile is gone, his heart felt like broken into pieces? What should Donghae do?
    Reason: Simple yet very sweet. If you like a light, sweet, fluffy, not too long not too short Fanfiction, JUST READ THIS.
  • Just To Be Closer To You (by Lounari)
    Main Cast: Yesung
    Genre: Fluff
    Description:  [From writer] Ex-bad girl Eunmi stopped her old crazy life to settle in to a new docile environment, but why so sudden?
    Reason: Ho Hoo~ Really sweet and cute! if you want to read a light story, read fluff! fluff jjang~
    If you open the link, you might see there are many chapters right? it’s actually another story, because it’s a compilation of oneshots. if you want to read the other story, just go to Foreword, and you will see many other stories, such as Kyuhyun, Siwon, Sungmin, etc.


(Most of it are untitled, and it’s hard to make story description from drabble, so i’m not going to put the description for this~^^)

  • Kyuhyun 01 (by ahnyoung-saranghae)
    Main Cast:
    Reason:  It’s deep, sad, and nice. For you who likes angst, this one is a good angst. I really like it!
  • Yesung 01 (by superjuniorpicfics)
    Main Cast: Yesung
    Genre: Fluff
    Reason: Nerdy Yesung OMG SO AWESOME! God, just read this even if you usually don’t read fluff. This one is GREAT~! Maybe i’m just too biased, but i’m serious! I like this one, and you will too! Must read~

I’ll update!
~ with ♥, Author


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  1. I have one recommendation. How about Maid In Love by fan-atic?
    This one is really good. But the cast is EXO. Hope you’ll like it~
    You can read it in asianfanfics.
    Thank you~ :))

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